Hiring A Professional Tree Service


If you own a home, then you need to protect your investment by taking care of it. There are several things you’ll want to do regularly in order to ensure your house remains in good condition. This includes taking care of both your interior and the land around your house. Your landscape, which includes trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants, can impact the beauty of your property.

The above is why your landscape needs to be maintained. Trees need to be cared for, pruned, and fertilized for them to remain healthy. The type of maintenance required for trees depends on what type they are. We are tree experts and we know what needs to be done to keep your trees looking good, as well as healthy.


There are a number of reasons why trees need to be trimmed at least once per year. For starters, it encourages healthy growth. Trees can become vulnerable to disease if dead and weak branches are not removed. In turn, trees can become weaker.

If large weak branches are not removed, then there is a risk that they can break off and cause damage to nearby bystanders or properties. Not only that, but pruning plays a role in ensuring your trees maintain their natural shape, and supports the production of fruits and flowers. As leading tree experts, we know what pruning techniques should be used for different types of trees.

Tree Health Care

It takes a trained eye to recognize the health problems of a tree. Our team of certified arborists can determine if your tree has any problems that pose a health issue to it. Fungus and pests can infest trees at their weakest points. If an infestation isn’t taken care of, eventually the tree will fester and die.

Our Oahu tree experts can diagnose problems early on, and take care of them before they turn into bigger problems. There are various remedies we can apply to a tree that is dealing with problems. In turn, your tree will be brought back to good health.

Trees should also be fertilized on an annual basis. The right fertilizer can make all the difference in your tree’s health. This is because it contains nutrients that your trees need in order to survive and thrive.

Tree Removal

In some cases, it is necessary to remove a tree that has been longed neglected. If a tree can’t be saved, then it should be removed. This is because it poses a danger to people in the nearby area, as well as a hazard to your family.

We can remove trees from your property. Our experts do it in a safe manner, and then we’ll clean up any mess left behind. By doing this, you can plant other plants or use the extra space for whatever you want.

Hire Us Today

In the long run, not taking care of your trees can cost you. Unhealthy trees can make your landscape look less appealing. Furthermore, unhealthy trees can drag down your property value, as well as pose a safety risk.

Our company can maintain your trees and play a role in protecting your home. Your house’s beauty will be enhanced due to your trees being well-maintained, and your overall curb appeal will improve. If you want to keep your trees healthy, then hire us today. Visit www.oahutrees.com for more information about tree care and maintenance.

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